Things that help: Stories of #misCOURAGE

The Tommy’s campaign stories of #misCOURAGE is something I wish I had discovered much earlier in my journey through miscarriage. It was somewhere between my two surgeries that I stumbled across the Tommy’s website and the incredible stories from these brave and heartbroken women and men. Helping to break the silence and taboo of pregnancy loss by sharing stories of grief, bravery and above all, courage, this campaign is genius in its simplicity. I cannot count the hours I have spent devouring these stories, helping me to feel less alone in what I have gone through.

Even though my experience feels less raw now and my thirst for knowledge and information regarding miscarriage is less desperate and consuming, I still visit the site often and there are always new stories. This is testament to how many of us there are who very sadly go through pregnancy loss. I still read these stories and in doing so I feel like I’m standing with the women and men who are brave enough to share them. Yes they are heart-breaking in nature, but they are stories of tiny lives and shattered dreams which deserve to be acknowledged and remembered.

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