Dear September…

I feel like September was a month for preparation. So many little things seemed to slide into place and transition nicely to make way for bigger things.

House buying came along nicely, and then suddenly moved really fast! I got into a really good routine of classes and my body felt good about it. I had fun at nightclub zumba and a gin festival. I had a diabetes appointment and my blood sugar is within preconception range, which is basically a green light to go ahead with a new cycle of ivf. 

We finished the month with a brilliant break with our best friends in Centre Parcs. Being in the forest, surrounded by nature, laughter and trips to the pancake house is just about my favourite thing on earth.

We step into October, ready to say goodbye to the place we have called home for the last four and a half years and ready to say hello at another crack at this baby making malarkey! 

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