Totally addicted to TEDx

My name is Claire and I am a TEDxacholic.

Recently, I’ve been TEDxing every day, at least once a day. Sometimes more.

For those who have never heard of this condition that I just totally made up, a TEDx Talk is basically an independently organised motivational speech you can find on YouTube. And I just can’t get enough of them.

The idea behind them is to spread ideas and start conversations. Thirty years ago this meant ideas about technology, entertainment and design (hence TED) but as the talks have grown in popularity and people have started to independently organise their own events under the TEDx umbrella, this has expanded to include global issues including science, creativity and psychology amongst other things. Are they a bit preachy? Yeah of course some of them are but they leave me feeling so refreshed and full of positivity that I don’t even mind!

I tend to listen to these via the YouTube app on my phone while I am putting my make up on in the morning. Most of the talks are under 18 minutes and I often select which one I’ll watch that morning depending on how much time I have before I need to leave the house for work! Occasionally I’ll arrive late to work because I’ve been blubbing through someone’s story and have to do an emergency clean up job on the old eye make-up before I’ve even finished putting it on. Some of the talks I’ve been bingeing on are about infertility and ivf, but not all. There are so many subjects covered that finding one that speaks to you is easy. What the talks that I can’t get enough of have at their core are messages of not giving up, because at this point in my life that’s exactly what I need to hear and to focus on. My most favourite talk are the ones which spark a flame of inspiration inside of me to do better, to try harder and to keep moving forward. To get through this and that one day I might stand on a podium somewhere and inspire other women not to give up on their dreams of being a mother. One day.

Here are some of my personal favourites which I have enjoyed recently…

It’s About Time We Valued Being Fertile by Emma Cannon

The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong by Amy Morin

A journey through infertility — over terror’s edge by Camille Preston

IVF, Fertility Treatments & Men: A Puzzeling Proposition by Alon Neuman

If you’re a TEDxacholic  like me please comment below with your favourite talks so I can enjoy them too, who needs to be on time for work anyways!

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