Dear July…

It’s pretty crazy how fast July flew by. I’m very thankful to it for a wonderful 31 days.

We started the month in Lanzarote with a much needed holiday. The break was really restorative even though it took me the first three days to relax and stop thinking about infertility, ivf and the baby we lost every other second. I got there in the end with the help of the sunshine, burying my head in some fantastic books and more than a few cocktails thanks to the all-inclusive! It really was just what we needed and I came home feeling refreshed and ready for whatever comes next.
We had a really positive meeting at the clinic shortly after we got back from holiday, and I am starting to feel more confident that once we take the plunge and say ‘we’re ready, let’s do this’ I really can handle the next round. I’ve made a little to do list in my diary for August, things I would like to achieve to help me get to that green light I can see in the horizon.
July also saw the birth of a very special baby, my best friend’s daughter. There really is nothing in this life more delicious than brand new baby cuddles, and also, I think, no better way to remind yourself what you are fighting for.
July, thank you. You have given me a sense of peace and calm. A clearer mind. A sense of focus. You’ve left me with many things to be grateful for. You saw me try night club zumba for the first time and tick a few things of my 36 before 37 list. You included an indulgent massage, more cake than a diabetic should have eaten, a new found love of aperol spritz and lots of time laughing with friends and family.

August… I’m ready for you!

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